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If you’ve been reading Nerium reviews lately, you know that we offer an exclusive anti-aging Nerium skin care product. These breakthrough products, such as Nerium AD™, are made possible by Nerium International’s partnership with Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.


In Nerium’s first year of marketing it’s first skincare product, we broke sales records and people noticed. Nerium reviews reveal that our product has made a significant impact in the lives of people with aging skin, and our consumers are eager to learn more.


It’s important that you understand that third-party preclinical and clinical trials are essential before the release of any Nerium skin care product on the market. This is especially the case with Nerium oleander, a plant that had never before been harnessed for use in skincare products. We undertook extensive safety testing and have worked closely with MDs, PhDs, medical pharmacologists, and toxicologists to make sure we understood the results of the clinical trials.


This final report was presented by Dennis Knocke, CEO of Nerium Biotechnology, at a recent toxicology conference: “As a result of the studies, the study design, and data captured, Nerium AD has no evidence of toxicity and no absorption into the systemic circulation.” To hear the full comments on the safety of NeriumAD watch this video.


In our clinical trials, ST&T Research found our product capable of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration by 20 to 60 percent. Because of these findings, both in the lab and with our customers, Nerium skin care reviews are almost exclusively positive as customer satisfaction soars.

Our innovative product has led to us being featured in several well-known publications, including being the youngest company ever to be featured in Success from Home magazine. Nerium was also chosen to be notably featured in Beautiful You magazine, of which the flagship edition is being published today, Nov. 5, 2012.


Beautiful You provides beauty, fitness, career, health and personal development advice and inspiration for women of all ages, helping them to become beautiful inside and out. We are honored to have Nerium AD featured in the very first issue!


Deborah Heisz, Publisher of Beautiful You magazine, had this to say about why they chose NeriumAD  as their first product spotlight, ” This issue shines the spotlight on a young company making impressive strides in the skincare industry. This magazine shows quite a few “before” and “after” pictures submitted by Nerium customers. These aren’t professional models. They are men and women who were so excited about the difference they saw in their skin after using Nerium AD that they were willing to bare their make-up free faces to the world. When you see their results, you’ll understand why.”


Beautiful You is on the newsstands starting today, and they are already flying on the shelves so visit your local Barnes & Noble to get yours!


To learn more about Nerium’s skin care product or to read Nerium reviews, please visit our website.


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  • cfraire

    If you could email your contact information to us, We would like to speak to you about you concern. Please email

  • Marla

    I have used it for a week. My pre-Nerium clear skin now has three BOILS on it. And I have a date tonight and another tomorrow evening.

    • Mary Higbe

      Marla, we’re sorry to hear that. Were you using any products in conjunction with NeriumAD?

  • Anne Kerry Ford

    Nerium dominates this issue of “Beautiful You”, a publication that promotes exactly what Nerium does…helps one to “look better” and “live better”!

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  • Bianca Dominguez

    Nerium’s “Beautiful You” Magazine – Have you seen it? Would you like to?

  • kbsamurai

    I have been using Nerium AD on my face for a year now and it’s really helped improve my skin color and texture. The Beautiful You magazine featuring Nerium is very interesting read!

  • disqus_w3KZjvoeDG

    Not only is Nerium an incredible business opportunity but this company has been so successful with just 1 product. it truly is incredible.

  • Christina Nordmark

    So blessed to be featured in the Beautiful You magazine! Truly life changing company and product! Because of my results I’m proud to be 40 and still glowing for the Lord!!!!

  • tomdoiron

    It makes me both proud and thankful to stand up for Nerium International and our amazing flagship product NeriumAD. The executive team is so convinced about this product that they have “bet” the whole company on the results NeriumAD delivers. Have you tried it yet?

  • Scott J Johnson

    I have been using NeriumAD since July 30th 2012 and the results have been amazing! Thank you Nerium!

  • Mary Alice Benton

    I look forward to each new day because I know my skin is going to look better. The Nerium Company and product are the best in the skincare industry and the relationship marketing business. I’m proud to be a part of this group.

  • Mindy Anderson

    NeriumAD has been such a fun business. Everyone loves the product!

  • Cheryl Phillips

    Love that magazine…..really love the article “man up”.

  • Honolulu Aunty

    Very glad to be part of this awesome company with such a great and awesome age defying product!

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  • Cindy Boone

    I call my NeriumAD “Liquid Gold”…here is a recent comment from one of my customers…”I love my skin! It looks great. What a difference. I truly see a dramatic difference. Thanks again for my bottle of liquid gold.”…:)

  • Cindy Boone

    I call my NeriumAD “Liquid Gold”
    …here is a recent comment from one of my customers! “I love my skin! It looks great. What a difference. I truly see a dramatic difference. Thanks again for my bottle of liquid gold.”…

  • Kim Arnold Wiedeman

    I found my BFF! I am new to the product and can’t wait to see the results!! Thanks Nerium for making others happier. 3 UR FREE is my goal. Deadline 12/16.I am ready to care & share and grow with my new family.

  • Jeni

    Nerium has truly changed my life! Not only do I have skin that I only dreamt of but I have had so many experiences that I couldn’t have imagined before…and now it is my reality!!! Thank you Nerium!!!!

  • WMartin

    Nerium is the single best opportunity I have ever seen. First the Corporate team is the best ever, the tools that are available are first class and nothing is missing. The people that Nerium is attracting, are the most caring and sharing people I have ever worked with. Then their is NERIUM, a real product that really works, and it works quickly. If it is success you are looking for, please check us out. Thank you Nerium.

  • Kristina Beverung

    Nerium AD is not only an amazing product that really works, but also a real company that cares about everyone involved! I’m a medical Esthetician and I am thrilled with the results I’m seeing in many different skin types

  • Padraic NewBrand PartnerTraini

    Product rocks! Not only is it quick to apply, but it made my skin tone more even.. No more red :)

  • Susan Rossi Wolter

    I have had more compliments on my skin since using Nerium. And an added bonus is that it is just 1 product.

  • Maria Jones

    Nerium is just plain simple to use, which i like a lot, and my skin is seriously really really smooth now and it feels so much healthier too.

  • Mabyn Shingleton

    I found Beautiful You at my local Barnes & Nobles. The story about Nerium International is really amazing. It has and is changing lives… some financially but so many more just due to the actual product.

  • Craig NewBrand PartnerTraining

    Nerium is an amazing company and literally has saved me. I can dream again and help others dream BIG too. Thank you Jeff, Mark and the entire Nerium Family. Im all in…

  • Katrine Shorter

    Love the product!!!!

  • Katrine Shorter

    Wonderful ,Wonderful product so glad to have been introduced to the product.Now I am sharing it with friends and family. So join me take the 90 challenge and see the results for yourself.

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  • Debra

    NeriumAD equals Real Results… I am proof! I’m a product of the product and I love sharing my photos and story with people.

  • Ona Cavassa

    The best tool yet!

  • Liz Palmer

    The Nerium Ripple works in my life, and I feel so happy to have a company that recognizes people for their giving back to the community.

  • Stacey M. Atkins

    love the way nerium leaves my face smooth and glowing! The results are amazing!

  • Kim Marin

    I am so impressed with the amazing results! I am truly addicted to the way it makes my skin look and feel! There is nothing out there like this!

  • Margie Thomas

    I love this magazine. It has such great articles that are relevant to everyone. I’ve given out some copies to friends and always get great comments and Thanks!

  • Scott Khouri

    Can’t say enough about this AMAZING product! I absolutley love helping people look better and feel better!

  • Jan Johnsen

    I have been using Nerium for 2 months and the results are fantastic. I am spreading the word with friends!

  • Jeremy Severson

    One of my customers just described this product as “a facelift in a bottle”—so true!

  • Reagan Roper McNeil

    I love the way Nerium makes my skin feel…and look!! Awesome stuff – and no harsh chemicals!! Love it!

  • disqus_2mnMnn0gBR

    The longer I use Nerium and the the more I get to know all the people connected to it, the more I love it all!

  • disqus_kT5K5agJ8r

    I Love, Love, Love NeriumAD!! I Used to spend at least $200.00 a month on other skincare products with 5% to 7% results over several months. NeriumAD gave me 30% in one month!

  • Jaelin Proffit

    How exciting it is to be part of something so big – looking better on the outside, feeling better on the inside and giving back to botanical medical research! Perfect combo for a tired pharmacist frustrated with ‘big pharma’! Oh, and how about the amazing results – yea!

  • Dinah Burch

    Love a product that truly gives Real results! Love even more the opportunity that I have with a company to help change the lives of others.

  • Laurel Madson Lawson

    I had results on my first day of using! Really great product for large pores. So happy I want to share with everyone :)

  • Candice Young

    My prayers were answered with this one product/one step skin care that makes me look and feel younger. Sharing it has been a pure pleasure. Loved seeing it in Beautiful You!

  • Jackie Ament Ontiveros

    Wow! Love the results I get from using NeriumAd

  • Sheral Henderson

    I have only used it for 10 days and my skin is becoming more one color and all the thin line wrinkles on my forehead appear to have disappeared. It really works and my skin feels extra soft!

  • Lisa Porter

    love the nerium famiy. great fall bash at convention this weekend! Can’t wait to share the message.

  • Cj Miller

    I really love this product! as an african american male, i have always had issues with texture, especially with shaving.neriumad solved that skin always feel so so soft!

  • Mindi Daniel

    NeriumAD is truly a breakthrough product…a game changer! Awesome!

  • Karen Pope

    A Real Loving Caring Sharing Company who encourages me to be a better person and an amazing product that really works and I don’t have a BOSS!!!! Thanks Nerium

  • Pamela Bayless

    Now that I know what Nerium AD can do I will never be without it!

  • Candace Bury

    My husband has only been using NeriumAD for one month and his skin looks amazing!

  • marie roth

    I love the product, but what I love even more is what the company, Nerium International is doing to help me to learn how to improve my relationships, finances, health and mindset….it’s still me, only better!

  • Tracy Bell

    I LOVE Nerium AD! It is easy to use and the price is incredible. It really WORKS!! A REAL COMPANY that produces a REAL PRODUCT with REAL RESULTS!!

    It literally sells itself…

  • Vicki Welter

    NeriumAD has turned back the hands of time for me! I was so tired of false claims by overpriced products on the market. I found something that works!! After seeing REAL results, I signed on as a Brand Partner and just earned my free iPad! This product and business is amazing!

  • Vanessa Cook

    Loved the magazine! So amazing that we are only a year old and already changing so many lives!

  • Debbie Stuverud White

    So excited to find an anti-aging product that really works…and a business plan that works too!

  • Jody Gilloth

    You know a product works when you’re 41 years old and you run into someone from high school who tells his cousin, who is a good friend of yours, that you look even better now than you did in high school! True Story! Thank you Nerium!

  • Chelsea

    NeriumAD is so simple and easy to use! I look forward to putting it on at night. The product is amazing and the company is amazing….who could ask for anything better.

  • Ann J.

    After a 30 year career working outdoors, my husband’s skin was showing the signs of abuse. He has faithfully been applying Nerium to his face and hands for the past 3 months and we are amazed at the results. Since this can be done in less than 30 seconds each night, it really is even more amazing. Thx Nerium!

  • disqus_SzTfCrD34R

    I really love Nerium AD. My “sun damage” on my face is almost gone!!! Seriously….amazing!!!!

  • Jen Hassenpflug-Soliz

    I just recently hit my 90 days with using NeriumAD and all I can say is “WOW!”. My husband and I have had some stress in our lives (Hurricane Rita, 4 times we have been “downsized” out of a job in last 7 years, my husband had a stroke last year, a 16 year old daughter who’s on a first name basis with the GI clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospital, and on it goes…) Needless to say, life had left some evidence on my face that no matter how much sleep I got, no matter where my faith and confidence are (the good Lord above), I still had dark puffy circles under my eyes. NeriumAD has COMPLETELY removed all of that and more!!! Thank you Nerium Biotechnology for your thoroughness and your amazing gift!

  • Regina Swindall-Moseley Melgar

    I just joined the Nerium Team last week. Have been using the product for a week. My husband and I both have already seen a difference in our skin. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in 90 days.

  • Corinne Beardsley

    Amazing product, amazing company!!

  • Dawn Jenkins Doyle

    Nerium AD allows everyone the opportunity to look better and live better. It’s the real deal.

  • Dan Smedstad

    I’ve been using the product for about 60 days and all I can say is…WOW!
    My skin is much smoother and brighter, and I’ve noticed that fine lines have been diminishing. Nerium REALLY does work!

  • Heather Patton

    NeriumAD is an amazing product- it really works! I’m very lucky to represent this brand, it’s doing wonderful things– whether it’s improving the look of your skin, or helping you achieve personal success!

  • Cheryl Phillips

    I wished I lived in Cali!!! Rock that bash!

  • LeeAnn McVey

    I am in love with NeriumAD and my results and Nerium International., the company. Nerium Int’l is real and authentic company and they prove this time after time. The Beautiful You magazine is icing on the cake!!

  • Leslie Carey

    Turn back the clock with Nerium….”I did”, and I feel awesome! I also love sharing my Nerium Product because I know I’m going to help somebody esle feel and look great! Thanks for the great product and opportunity Nerium International!

  • Pamela Bayless

    How wonderful that we can share this great product with our friends and family! My pores are smaller and my skin is better looking every day!

  • Barrie Chapin

    I simply love Nerium, the product and the company! The first thing I noticed after using it for a few days was I could not see those wrinkles in my forehead and my eyes looked more open and lifted. My neck is no longer giving away my age (65). Last but not least, I use less makeup and my skincare regimen is very simplified. Nerium at night! I love the business of sharing Nerium with men and women and watching them enjoy Real Results, too !

  • Leigh Steele

    Nerium AD is a stellar product from a stellar company. Love the Beautiful You!

  • Robin Meisner Jenkins

    Nerium has the science behind it to make it a wonderful, easy to use product. I have seen such great results on my Colorado dry skin! It is also much more cost effective than using a 4 or 5 step program!

  • Merry Bruton

    I love what Nerium has done for my skin. People tell me I look radiant all the time!

  • Esperanza Newman

    Today at 52 years old,I cannot afford to go to bed with out NeriumAD I want to slow down the age process and I finally achieved it with this wonderful product NeriumAerD!

  • Tamara Patzer

    Love the Beautiful You magazine that tells all about Nerium! I use Nerium and I love it!

  • Beth Kennedy

    Loving the results I see and feel in just a week!

  • Rich Hill

    This is truly an amazing product!

  • Sam Cornish-Lynch

    One product, once a day – doesn’t get any easier than that to get the beautiful skin you deserve! Plain and simple – Nerium AD works.

  • Cherie Leffe Goldsmith

    Congratulations to Nerium International for their continued success! It is amazing what a company can do when they keep it REAL.

  • Marcy Youngster

    I am super excited about Nerium AD! Not only has it reduced the size of my pores, it has seriously lessened the fine lines on my forehead, crows feet and even made my cheeks seem rounder and more youthful. How does this amazing night cream WORK??? I don’t know…. but I sure love it!! I want all my friends to know about this! My skin is so refined and softer-looking too!

  • Lisa Howser

    Nerium is a REAL product backed by REAL science. Finally an Age Defying product that truly works!!

  • Sam Rabinowitz

    I just love how great NeriumAD works. I have seen results which are hard to believe unless you see it for yourself.

  • Isabel Ward

    There are many great articles in the new Beautiful You magazine! I love using it to promote Nerium International’s amazing NeriumAD and the fantastic business opportunity!

  • Kimberly R Kyger

    Nerium changes peoples lives – always for the better. Absolutely love this company and all that they represent. It’s the Nerium Ripple!

  • Lori Rhoades

    I love what Nerium is doing for my skin, and I’m impressed with the training I’m receiving as a Brand Partner.

  • Courtney Cook

    3 weeks and my skin is looking fantastic! I love NeriumAD!!

  • Mabyn Shingleton

    I was very happy to find the Beautiful You magazine. I love seeing the Nerium Ad before and after photos.

  • Sally LaVoy

    I love the way this makes my skin feel – I would not go a night without it.

  • Lori Perry Yarham

    NeriumAD is a fantastic product that’s easy to use. Nerium company is an incredible opportunity that’s easy to share.

  • Susan Baxter Brodin

    I love the way Nerium makes my skin feel. It feels soft and smooth. My face now has a healthy glow like it did when I was younger.

  • Patti Stoddard Coles

    NeruimAD has changed the texture of my face, neck and decollete, so soft and the redness of the sun damage on my decollete is almost gone after 20 days of using Nerium! I use it on the backs of my hands and noticing a big difference after 10 days! I’m 56 and this product is definitely diminishing the wrinkles I had on my neck and the furrows between my eyebrows, they are gone! After signing up as a Brand Partner almost three weeks ago, NeriumAD as a business is over the top amazing! Thank you NeriumAD International for the product and the business opportunity with a product that does everything the science and clinical testings behind it, prove it would do!

  • Nadine Castonguay

    I’ve been waiting for a company like this: Right time, right company and the right product. Looking forward to a great future with Nerium. It’s been a blast already! Thank you, Nerium.

  • Rachel Clifton

    I have never looked forward to washing my face every night-only to apply Nerium! I love waking up every morning to smoother, brighter skin. I can’t wait for the day that I can quit hiding my imperfections with makeup!

  • Beth Holzman

    People can’t believe how good my face and hands look. I was starting to look 10 years older because of my hands. Not anymore, Nerium is the key to looking good.

  • Joanne O’Brien

    Post chemo my skin was really starting to sag and had obviously lost something in treatment. Nerium AD lifted my look and has me glowing inside and out. The product, the business, the people…it’s all REAL!

  • Wanda Kaiser

    I have enjoyed reading the new Beautiful You magazine in my salon and sharing the magazine and my Nerium with my friends and clients. This business is GREAT!!!

  • Jeanne Buhl

    Nerium AD a magical cream producing amazing results for our Preferred Customers.

    Neirum International a magical company producing an amazing revenue for our Brand Partners.

    Choose which is best for you and join us.

  • Kate Cramer

    I like that Nerium is a plant extract and that they are very adamant that you take before and after picture so that others can SEE the difference it makes in your skin! I love that it sells itself and I can feel like I am sharing something wonderful for everyone’s skin!

  • Kristine Cuddy

    So thrilled with this product! Not only does it work, the people in the company are awesome from the outside in!

  • Derek MacDonald

    Love NeriumAD and Nerium International!!

  • Terri Troup Stull

    I love the glow my skin has with Nerium! Nerium gives my skin a very fresh, youthful appearance. Added benefit, it dimishes existing fine lines and wrinkles AND the emerging ones!! Wish I had this stuff 20 years ago!

  • Lana Talas

    I love NeriumAD!! After using the high end brands and luxuaries spas, my skin was getting worse and worse… using Nerium 2 months only, I have comments like “did you have a plastic surgery?”; “Remarkable result”…love it! The Bautiful You is in my every bag…I drop it every friend and I want everyone read it.

  • Renae Madore

    This is an incredible product and I’m thrilled to have become a Brand Partner with the company!

  • Rashmi Gurjar

    This is such an amazing product! I’ve had many people compliment me on the smoothness of my skin texture asking what I use … NeriumAD is the simple answer! A perfect one-step night cream, perfect for all ages!

  • Kelley Denman-Coomes

    what a great magazine! It is the perfect setting for a fabulous product…

  • Dana Kranz

    NeriumAD is the Best Skin care product I have personally ever used. My skin feels and looks better than it has in 10 years. The company and business is just an added benefit! Go Nerium International. Love you all.

  • Therese Marchitelli

    I’ve always been a skin care junkie….so many unused products on my shelf until I was introduced to NeriumAD and WOW awesome product, awesome results. It truly stands up to REAL!

  • Kira Bravo

    So happy to have found this product – it’s amazing! :)

  • Suzanne McGee

    I have been involved in skin care for 35 years and I have never had a product do for my skin what this product has done! I will be using it for life!

  • Amy Warden

    I have been so pleased with the results I’ve seen from Nerium AD!! It is a product like no other – and I love that the active ingredient is a botanical source!

  • It’s YolondaJay

    I agree Mark! This product has changed more than just my emerging lines…it has changed my life in multiple ways! #NERIUM

  • Michelle Brooks

    I am so impressed with the absolutely amazing results! I am truly addicted to the way it makes my skin look and feel! I Love Nerium AD

  • Ariel Yve

    I absolutely love Nerium AD!

  • Jolie Jackson

    NeriumAD is the new Legacy in the anti-aging arena. This product is delivering ASTONISHING results and we are changing lives one face at a time…it’s my GLOW!!

  • Hannah King Stern

    Nerium has been such a blessing for me! To not only have more beautiful skin than I ever have, I am also growing a business in the process… With a product I believe in. Thank you Nerium and the amazing Nerium family!

  • Leila Maddela

    Look Better, Live Better with Nerium! Success leaves Clues! Nerium is changing lives!

  • Rod Net Works

    As a man, I was looking for this produce and when I saw the business opporunity it was a no brainer…this product NeriumAD is amazing.

  • JoyDave

    Both Joy and I have been using Nerium for almost 4 months! We both have seen amazing results and hear about it from our friends! Nothing sells like a product that works. NeriumAD works!

  • Sharron Pearson

    I have been using Nerium AD for just about 90 days and the results have been amazing! My skin tone and texture have improved and the lines and wrinkles have been dramatically reduced. I loved this product so much that I not only became a preferred customer, I became a Brand Partner!

  • Traci Buckley

    Nerium AD is truly the most beautiful you from the inside and out. I love what Nerium is doing for my skin. But even more than my skin I love what Nerium is doing for my spirit. Coaching and encouraging me to be the best that I can be by utilizing the tools and Personal Development tools that as a brand partner I have free access to. Thank you Nerium Edge for helping me to make small changes everyday that help Ripple through my life and take me on my path to my best self, and absolutely my best life ever!!

  • Tonya Cain


  • Robin Simoneaux Milano

    I Love, Love, Love my Nerium AD… I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on anti-aging products over the years and Nerium AD is the ONLY product that actually worked for me. I had Amazing results in just 10 days!! I’m on day 43 and my eyes lids are lifted, discoloration has faded, and fine lines and wrinkles are diminishing every day. I couldn’t be happier!!

  • Sherry Johnson

    Not only has Nerium AD transformed my skin, but the Nerium opportunity has transformed my financial life! This is truly a product and business in a league of its own.

  • Kay Hagerman

    You want simplicity in your life? Try this…One product, once a day,
    male or female, real results, for real people! I have had the same hair
    cut for over 10 months but it is only in the last month that I am
    hearing love your haircut…you’ve really changed your look… Not!…. It’s my Nerium Glow that has changed my look. 60 days and the results speak
    for themselves.

  • Rachel McGrady

    I am so excited to have joined the Nerium AD Team, the product is amazing and the opportunity is amazing!

  • Debbie Schattgen

    Beautiful magazine, beautiful results with Nerium AD and a company that makes us all proud to be associated!

  • leslie morris

    Nerium is an awesome product AND company!!

  • Natalie Zierenberg

    NeriumAD has changed my skin in more ways than I thought possible. I love the way that my skin looks and feels. I have never used a product that has had these results. The best part about NeriumAD is that I can share it with others that I love. It is awesome to watch the product and the amazing opportunity change my life and the lives of those around me!

  • Diane Diana

    Nerium AD is a product unlike any other…One product, at night wash in the morning! Can’t beat that and the fact that you can get Nerium AD for free too…never seen that anywhere.

  • Darla Sanders

    Top of the line product and company! Love it!

  • Tammy L Bolieau

    I love everything about Nerium AD! For the first time in my life at age 44(on the 15th) I dont feel like I look older than what I am! AND that’s a big deal! I have also worked with a lot of home businesses and I have never loved one more than this! A company that rewards preferred customers with the ability to receive their product free or one that rewards their Brand Partners for their efforts with free product to replenish inventory! UNHEARD OF!! I cannot say enough good about Nerium! My true God send!! I love, love, love my Nerium!! AND I look forward to looking back in 10 years and rejoicing becasue I didnt miss this boat!

  • Lena J. Spencer

    This product is just amazing. I feel in love with it in 3 days. This prodcuts not just works, it is helping and assting people look good, feel good and it networks peoples lives together in a postive way! The Nerium business is world class! Jump on board now, don’t be the one who said, man I should have listened. :)

  • Jill Wood

    I look younger already, after 10 days of Nerium!! My daughter even commented how nice my make-up looked… only thing I did different was apply NeriumAD every night – Love it!!

  • Rick Howard

    I’m proud to be associated with such a great company.

  • Reginia Browning

    I am so very thankful that I live in a time to see NeriumAD come to the marketplace. Finally, an Age Defying product that REALLY TRULY WORKS! Everyday my skin looks younger and younger. I “LOVE” NeriumAD, and I mean really really love it.

  • Laura Miear

    This product does everything it promises…I’ve never used any product as faithfully as nerium because this one actually works!

  • Cherrie Tayao

    This product works. I noticed an improvement in my skin texture and fine wrinkles in just 2 weeks!

  • Alyce Kelly

    I am almost to day 60 with using NeriumAD. The changes I have seen are incredible…. I’ve never had such soft skin, my rough patch on my chin that I’ve had since age 13 is gone now, and my “perma-frown” on my forehead is fading more each week. My husband has been using Nerium as well and is seeing the same results. Truly amazing product!

  • Michael Babboni

    Not just for the ladies! Nerium AD has soften the lines on my forehead and between my eyes, made my pores smaller, made my face less oily and soften my skin. Being disabled I need a simple, 1-step product that my wife can apply and Nerium does the trick. She’s looking great too!

  • Bethany

    I absolutely LOVE Nerium AD. But I love this company even more. Finally not only a product that works, but a company that is founded on the highest morals and values! Proud to be a part of this!

  • Debbie Sinden McMenamy

    Amazing product!

  • Bloggin’ Fogie

    As a 73 year YOUNG man I have experienced REAL results with NeriumAD. Men you need to care for your skin too!

  • Chris Kelly

    As an esthetician and beauty product junkie, I have never found any product that delivers results for real people like NeriumAD. I also have never been associated with a company who cares more about people!

  • Christy Birchard

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    Thank you for making a more Beautiful You-niverse!

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    Nerium International – great job on the magazine – the feedback has been tremendous.

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    Love the product (no brainer for sure because it definitely works) but I also want to point out that the company cares about us! So much of our training is about us and personal development and our team is a team that helps each other – this is huge!!! I LOVE this company – Nerium International and NeriumAD you freaking rock!

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    I absolutely love this product. I am 64 years old and my friends keep telling me I am in my early 50′s. My wife Denise has a friend who accused me of having a facelift! Stunning product which means its an awesome business opportunity!

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    Nerium is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow. I have used so many products over the years and I finally found one that gives me the results they say it will. Plus, I don’t have to take 10 min. on a nightly ritual. One product and I’m ready for bed. In the morning my skin fells and looks wonderful.

  • Ashley Schmitz Ivey

    Nerium has amazing results! it has made me feel more unconscious about my face and now I can go about my day and feel beauiful!

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    I’m getting results, and I’ve only used for a very short time. Applying only 1 product at night is so easy–I love it!

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  • Matthew Novelli

    My sister first introduced me to Nerium about a month ago. I was skeptical at first. I signed on as a brand partner and began to use the product. My before and after pictures made me a believer though. Lines on my forehead began to fade. If anyone asks about Nerium now, I just pull out my phone and show them my picks. The Nerium family has been great to work with and super supportive. Thanks and look forward to the weeks and months ahead with my new business venture.

  • Dawn Manti Miller

    NeriumAD works! No system just one product that dramatically improved my fine lines and diminished my brown spots. An
    honest product an an honest opportunity!

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    When I run into friends I haven’t seen in over a year, one of the first things they say is, “You look great…you look younger”. I’ve been using NeriumAD for 1 year. I guess that says the product is working. :-)

  • Gary Rothman

    After spending lots of time in the sun as a kid, its great using NeriumAD to help the signs of aging. Very easy to apply and getting compliments on my skin, as a guy that never happened before. The best part is sharing the product and seeing family and friends loving their Results and because we shared a great product that really works, we get ours for Free! That is so Cool.

  • Catherine Wilkinson

    I have never ever been complimented on my skin since I was a teenager until now– Nerium AD has absolutely changed that– I am constantly told– “you have great skin : ) I am so grateful for this product Nerium AD.

  • Bale Damuni Tuisavura

    I started using Nerium 90 days ago and I only have this to say..Nerium delivers on its claim!…unbelievable..only one way to find out try it!
    I love love love Nerium!

  • Brad E Young

    Incredible !!!

  • Tamera Keller

    I have been using Nerium AD for 90 days today and all my friends continue to comment on my results. People who don’t even know what I am doing (co-workers) have made comments on my skin and ask what it is I am doing differently. At age 50 I feel better than I did at 40 and my face is taking on a the new NERIUM GLOW!

  • Debra L Cannon

    So easy to use. Simply apply at night to moist skin and I’m done. This is something I can see myself doing long term. I was never able to follow through with the 4 or 5 step programs. One product that does it all….YES and it works, it really works!!!

  • Tiffany Andersen

    I love this product! I have been a licensed medical esthetician for 23 years and this product truly works wonders on all skin types! My clients love it and are reordering every month! Thank you Nerium International!

  • Tina Maskew

    I am so pleased with my skin after using NeriumAD. My neck looks amazing! I have my confidence back!

  • Marcella Kvick

    One product, once a day for all issues…love the simplicity of this clinically proven product.

  • Keri Edwards Williams

    Amazing results in less than a month! I could not be happier with the results I have seen so far! I can not wait to see where I end up!

  • Kelley Hart Arman

    I began using Nerium on 9/7 and am amzed and beyond happy with the results thus far!! I Nothing has worked the way Nerium is! My skin is brighter and even all the little lines are disappearing! Don’t even get me started on the ease of my 3 minute skincare routine!
    I <3 it!!

  • kris

    It works!!!

  • Kristy Holmen-Meek


    • Mary Higbe

      And we LOVE LOVE LOVE that you LOVE LOVE LOVE NeriumAD!

  • Laurie Fuller

    I am so impressed with the absolutely amazing results! I am truly addicted to the way it makes my skin look and feel!

  • Janelle Ashley James

    When my friend told me about Nerium AD I was skeptical. I actually thought she had photoshopped her before and after picture because I didn’t believe a product could work so well. I had tried everything so I didn’t see why this product would be any different. But it is different. I was so happy about the results on my skin that I started telling everyone I knew about Nerium. My super smart business minded husband looked closely at the company and I thought he was going to tell me he didn’t want me to be a part of it…but just the opposite…he jumped on board with me. We own a successful marketing company so we weren’t looking for another “business.” But sharing a product that really works is simple and before we knew it we’d earned an iPad, a Lexus bonus and lots of large checks were being dumped into our account. Both the Nerium product and opportunity are extraordinary and Beautiful You magazine does a great job of explaining why.

    • neriumamber

      We love turning skeptics into believers at Nerium! Thanks for sharing your story Janelle.

  • Danielle Myers

    I read Beautiful You cover to cover. Hard to pick a favorite article. Reinforces why Nerium works, really works!

  • Elaine Day

    Nerium works while I sleep!! What a deal! I saw results in just a few days!

  • Brad Tobin

    I have been extremely impressed with the results I have gotten with Nerium AD in the first 10 days both the product and Company is truly archetypical and if you have not experienced either you are doing yourself a disservice. Don’t miss out, you will regret it later.

  • Nathan James

    As a business owner in the marketing industry, one of the things that attracted me to Nerium was the sophistication of its marketing program. Nerium’s recognition in the premiere issue of Beautiful You is yet another example.

    • Mary Higbe

      Thanks, Nathan! At Nerium, we’re committed to doing everything right!

  • Don Waddle

    As a guy, I find using NeriumAD a very easy process. My wife likes the results and that’s what matters the most to me. I read the articles in Beautiful You and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this increditble company. NeriumAD and Nerium International ROCKS!

    • neriumamber

      Thanks, Don. We love Nerium endorsements from men!

  • Cathy Delaney Gergen

    NeriumAD is an amazing product! So easy to use (not a complicated multi-step system) and my skin has never looked better. The personal development and training that accompany the business opportunity are changing our lives in ways we never dreamed they would. Bonus!!!

    • mhigbe

      We love that you’re so happy with all aspects of Nerium, Cathy!

  • Donna Winfrey Petrella

    Thank you Nerium International! I love the way my face, neck, and hands are looking! Next, trying on my feet! Pics to come in one week! I love being a Nerium Brand Partner more every day! ~Donna~

    • neriumamber

      Donna, isn’t it fun to start seeing real results with other areas besides the face? Nerium loves to help all skin :)

  • Anne DiBernardo

    I can’t wait to pick up a copy! It really brings me joy when I can bless others and with Nerium my
    cup overflows!

  • Lisa Kilcup Buchanan

    I love that I can stand behind the claims! They’re for real!

  • Aileen S. Hanson

    I am thrilled how Nerium has softened my lines and given my skin a renewed glow. I still look natural, my face is not drawn after losing 20 lbs… passing for 15 years younger than my age without make up. Love it!

  • Carrie Swanson-Blaske

    We are a family of 9. Big, busy fast paced life…REAL life! In just a short 60 days, two adults and two teens are seeing such real results using Nerium! The best part is that with Nerium 3urfree program our family product comes to us for FREE! Cant beat that! We are seeing REAL life changes with the product and the opportunity! (wish there was a place to post our before and after pictures…REAL amazing!)

    • neriumamber

      Carrie, we are so glad that you have qualified for 3urFree. It looks like it is a true Nerium family party at your house!

  • Ilene Munk Gaekwad

    Nerium AD works so well that most people think the “after” photos showing dramatic results in as little as 5 days have been altered. (We are all conditioned to be skeptical and expect so little from the products we buy). When those same skeptics see their own before and after photos – they are thrilled! How exciting to see such joy in the faces of our customers and those who have decided to be a part of the “happiness business.”

    • neriumamber

      Before & After pictures are one of our favorite things here at Nerium!

  • Michelle Van Zeyl Ries

    I had lost all hope of ever having smooth skin again. I had cystic acne as a teenager and because of that I have pitted skin. I have been using NeriumAD for about four months now and it has smoothed my skin so much that I can’t even believe it myself. This really works! I really don’t know why everyone isn’t using it!!!

    • mhigbe

      We’re so happy for you and your real results from NeriumAD!

  • Elizabeth Platt

    I just started using Nerium 6 days ago, but already I almost don’t have to use any foundation under my makeup.

    • mhigbe

      What an awesome story about the real results of NeriumAD!

  • Kimberly Ann Wetherald-Marsh

    My Nerium has been absolutely awesome. I had discoloration on my leg from an auto accident and it’s faded! So happy! Wrinkles – fading as well!

  • Mo Reilley

    Honestly, I love everything about Nerium. The product is incredible and the company is top-notch. The personal growth I’ve experienced is beyond what any company has EVER done for me. I love my Nerium glow…on the inside & out!

    • neriumamber

      Mo, we love that you have the Nerium glow! True beauty comes from the inside!

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  • Kath De Anda

    I love what NeriumAD has done for my face and neck! And for the sun damage on my chest!!! Eye creases are minimized and pore size greatly reduced. This product deserves all the attention it is getting b/c it delivers real results!!!!

    • neriumamber

      Thanks for sharing your real results with Nerium, Kath!

  • Daye Proffit

    I love that Nerium is REAL. The real results of real people everywhere tell the story, for the product AND the opportunity. Cynicism is sooo last year… We are loving this!!

    • neriumamber

      Daye, love your comment. The nerium look, sure does looks good on you!

  • Stacie Panesis Khouri

    I’ve had excellent results with NeriumAD. This night treatment creme really works…my skin is so soft to the touch, the wrinkles are disappearing and everyone is telling me how great I look!

  • Amy Geoffrion

    Nerium is an amazing product….it is easy to use….only at night before bed…and has changed my skin dramatically..years of sun damage have disappeared! I love it!

  • Donna Key Herzog

    I love this product!!!! I have very sensitive skin and can NEVER use any skin care product. This one is DIFFERENT!! I can use this with NO adverser reactions and it is changing my skin!!!! I also love where I am going with this company!!!

    • neriumamber

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Nerium AD on sensitive skin.

  • Mark O Smith

    Not only does this product work, It networks! The Nerium business is world class in every way.

  • Sharon K. Maksoudian Parkinson

    After spending lots of money on expensive, multiple step, anti-aging products that never really seemed to deliver real results, I was completely thrilled to find NeriumAD!! Wow and amazing are the two words that come to mind. I was completely blown away by this simple night cream that has significantly reduced my fine lines and given my skin a beautiful glow! Real Science, Real Results. This is the real deal!!

  • Julianne Williams

    Nerium is an amazing product! I’ve seen so many great results, including my own!

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