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At Nerium International, we are all about being REAL. To that end, we want to further clarify our relationships with our research partners. It is important when sharing this information that there are no variations from the published text.


Nerium Skincare, Inc.

Nerium Skincare is a subsidiary of Nerium Biotechnology, which provides for topical product development, formulation, clinical testing, manufacturing and marketing of all dermal applications. The accidental discovery that led to NeriumAD happened through Nerium Skincare. Nerium Skincare’s initial product development utilizes the breakthrough ingredient – NAE-8™, which it controls the patens for this extract and extraction process. Various dermal formulations were clinically tested, first for safety and second for efficacy. This research was performed by ST&T Research.  A percentage of Nerium International revenue from product sales goes back to Nerium SkinCare and on to Nerium Biotechnology to continue their ongoing research at various institutions.


ST&T Research

As a result, the first topical formulation/application, utilizing NAE-8™ is NeriumAD, designed as cosmetic product.Once again, prior to going to market, NeriumAD was clinically tested utilizing strict scientific protocols, professional investigators, and the latest research technology available. NeriumAD’s clinical trials were performed exclusively at ST&T Research. Nerium International exclusively provides marketing.


Dr. Robert Newman

Dr. Robert Newman spent 24 years in research at University of Texas MD Anderson. Dr. Newman conducted extensive studies at MD Anderson on the Nerium oleander plant and its components.  Today, Dr. Newman serves as scientific advisor to Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., & Nerium Skin Care, Inc. where he coordinates all research and continues to further his research for specific applications of Nerium oleander (not exclusively skincare products) at numerous leading institutions and independent research centers (MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, ST&T Research, LSU, University of Toledo, etc.). This research process provides for new discoveries, intellectual property/patents, trade secrets, and applications owned by Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. (NBio-PL², NAE-8™, etc.).


University of Texas MD Anderson

Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. has and continues to work directly with MD Anderson in its research of the Nerium oleander plant (not exclusively skincare products).  We want to clarify our relationship both past and current with MD Anderson:

1. MD Anderson DOES NOT own any patent for NeriumAD.

2. MD Anderson HAS NOT tested NeriumAD for aging skin, collagen, wrinkles or   discoloration. All of this testing and evaluation was done by ST&T Research.

3. MD Anderson DOES NOT receive any funds from the sale of NeriumAD.

4. NeriumAD HAS NOT been tested on skin cancer or for any other medical condition at any institution or facility. NeriumAD is a cosmetic and the only testing is based on the appearance of the skin before and after use of NeriumAD.

You may ONLY reference MD Anderson and/or Dr. Robert Newman with the exact verbiage and titles used in approved Nerium marketing materials. If you have any materials referencing either in a manner outside of this please remove it immediately. Phrases like “A breakthrough product from MD Anderson” are NOT allowed in any fashion.


Product Claims

We ask that you make sure that communication in any form follow these rules:

1.   The only type of issues that you can market NeriumAD for is the smoothing, conditioning, and enhancing of the radiance of the skin, as well as the reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores, uneven texture, and aging skin.

2.   Any reference to any type of skin disease from acne, rosacea, eczema, etc. cannot be connected to NeriumAD. No claims of wound healing or anything similar is allowed.

3.   There can be no statement of how NeriumAD makes changes at the cellular level or any comments about making physical changes to the skin.

4.   Claims that NeriumAD can replace any prescribed medications are prohibited.

5.   NeriumAD is not a medical grade cream and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

We recognize that there are many people having wonderful results with the product; however, we must continue to enforce our Policies and Procedures. Anyone found making claims contrary to Nerium’s policies risks having his or her Brand Partnership terminated. If you have personal or even third party verbiage or testimony, or pictures demonstrating or suggesting any of the prohibited claims, we ask that you terminate using them immediately, and remove any claims you have posted on any medium (social media sites, websites, marketing materials, etc.).


Communication With Our Partners

We continue to have a number of people in the field contacting our partners, such as Nerium Skincare and Nerium Biotechnology, vendors and other associated companies. These direct communications are specifically forbidden in our Policies and Procedures:


1.18  Contacts. Brand Partners are to limit all corporate communication to the office and staff of the Company. No direct contact is to be made with the Company’s partners, suppliers, consultants, or hired professionals without the express written approval of the Company.

All inquiries about NeriumAD or the companies involved should be directed to Nerium International.

We take very seriously protecting the integrity of our story and our brand. We appreciate your cooperation and leadership in this endeavor.



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  • Bradley Jon Thompson

    Real Science created Nerium for Real people. It’s as simple as that. The level of research, safety, and clinical studies have proven why Nerium works, and works well.

  • Amanda Jones Thompson

    I love how easy Nerium makes our business as Brand Partners! Whenever someone has a question we don’t have to try to guess an answer; Nerium provides us clear, simple, and easily accessible information to answer them in confidence! THANK YOU!

  • Angela Rogers

    Nerium International put real science and studies behind NeriumAD, it is so easy to support Nerium when they have done all the work for people to refer to all information about the product. NeriumAD is amazing!

  • Padraic NewBrand PartnerTraini

    Nerium has more research then I know what to do with :)… Luckily every time I have spoken to someone who really wants it all I can simply forward them the info… Documentation beats conversation every time!

  • Sherry Johnson

    With all the science behind NeriumAD, it’s so easy to share Nerium with everyone!


    I’m glad to know Nerium International went through so many channels to get the product it has today. As long as everyone stays on the same page we all benefit.

  • Amy Geoffrion

    Nerium provides us with everything we need to build a successful business….including great articles like this one!

  • Kelli Hayes

    Continued research is provided to all Nerium Brand partners, and Nerium provides us with the most up to date information. Which in turn helps us build an amazing business with Nerium International.

  • Lori Miranda

    The Best Part about the Nerium Research Information is that our Nerium Corporate team has all the resources available for us Brand Partners to share with others and this in turn helps us build a solid foundation for our Nerium business

  • Daye Proffit

    Nerium is an open book, with very clear and concise, verifiable information put forth. This allows allows anyone to perform meaningful due diligence in evaluating the company and its products, as well as equipping Nerium Brand Partners with the tools to effectively communicate same.

  • Keely Gaston Nations

    With the extensive research Nerium does, there is no way someone couldn’t succeed in this business. We have all the resources we need!

  • Betsy Rodgers Smith

    Nerium always provides us with the best up to date info! Thanks, Neirum

  • A Rob

    I really appreciate Nerium providing so much information regarding the research of Nerium AD. Having this kind of information readily available has helped tremendously as I build my business!!

  • Puya Ghandian

    Very helpful information to know as we continue to grow our thriving Nerium Business!

  • Gens Walraven Johnson

    Thank you Neirum, International for continuing to remind us of all the accurate information pertaining the formulation of NeriumAD. This information helps us tremendously when sharing this amazing product!!!

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  • Nicole

    Thanks for posting this clarification. There is so much confusion around the thing that links them together.

  • Admin

    NeriumAD is a cosmetic product created to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and aging. It is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Jacquellene Trajkovic

    Thank you for the update.

  • Annie Mcauliff

    is this product safe to use pregnant and nursing?

  • Sharlene Trumet

    Thank you for the clarification.

  • Richard Bonilla

    Great info Nerium International! Thank you for the clarity.

  • Scott Andrews

    Awesome blogpost! Great to see you post such commonly asked questions in such a succinct and helpful manner. This will help us grow our business – thank you!!!

    Scott Andrews

  • Arthur Mio

    Just keep it REAL. The longer the explanation (this one is pretty long), the less real it seems. Just give us the exact (preferred?) verbiage we can use. Nerium Rules!!!

  • Shauntel

    I thought Nerium gave back 30% of it’s profit to MD Andersen, is that not correct?

    • Admin

      It’s not correct. 30% of our profits go back to Nerium Biotech for research.

  • Cheryl Gregory

    I’m a new brand partner. Thank you so much for this very beneficial information, I greatly appreciate it!

  • jeanette Stocking

    Thank you for this valuable information.


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