Nerium Brand Partners Now Have SlideShark Resources to Help with Their Businesses

Nerium International, a provider of leading skincare products, has always supported their sales representatives (called Brand Partners), providing them with resources to help their businesses grow. That’s because Nerium Brand Partners are the heart of the company, and their success is the success of Nerium, as the company continues to improve people’s lives through breakthrough products rooted in science. Now, Nerium Brand Partners have a new way to succeed, through the implementation of SlideShark.


Nerium International began using SlideShark Team Edition, by Brainshark, Inc, to support the brand partners in their efforts. SlideShark Team Edition is the multi-user version of Brainshark’s award winning SlideShark app, which allows viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations on iPad and iPhone. Because the app is cloud based, it allows geographically dispersed Nerium Brand Partners access to sales and training presentations, regardless of physical location. By delivering reliable presentations on the popular Nerium skincare line on mobile devices, Brand Partners’ effectiveness in the field is greatly improved. Prior to the implementation of SlideShark, PowerPoint presentations did not display properly on the iPad, which caused some Brand Partners to have lackluster presentations. Seeking a solution that would provide an easy way to manage content and provide partners with the most relevant and up to date materials, Nerium found SlideShark.


• SlideShark improves the effectiveness of presentations. Not only can Nerium Brand Partners view and show presentations from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, with fonts, animations, graphics and colors intact, but they can also access features like SlideShark’s iPhone remote control, “Laser Pointer”, and “Presenter Mode” to deliver truly powerful presentations. These presentations can be delivered directly on an iOS device or, when in front of larger groups, by connecting it to a TV or projector.


• With SlideShark, Nerium can provide central, secure, and permission-based access to important material. No longer having to cobble together disjointed content, Nerium Brand Partners can access all the information they need from one central, secure source.


• The message remains consistent. Because SlideShark allows Nerium International to offer Brand Partners access to ready-made, approved and up-to-date presentations, key messages and product information are communicated consistently, even across a large network of Nerium Brand Partners.


• Content is easily managed and organized. SlideShark’s folder functionality allows Brand Partners to find what they need quickly and easily.


• SlideShark allows Nerium International to track usage and effectiveness. With SlideShark Team Edition’s advanced analytics, Nerium can easily see which presentations and slides are being used most often, and when and by whom they are being used. In this way, the company can gauge presentation effectiveness, product popularity and sales activity levels.


Believing that SlideShark was the answer to the problems the company had previously faced, Nerium first rolled it out to 5,000 of the Nerium Brand Partners. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that the company has already made plans to offer SlideShark to thousands more. As Trevor Scofield, Nerium’s senior vice president for global operations, has said, “We count on our Brand Partners to truly be ambassadors for our brand, so it’s critical that we equip them with the tools they need to be successful. SlideShark enables them to ‘wow’ their audiences, and deliver presentations on our skincare products in a compelling, professional manner – conveniently and right from the iPads and iPhones they always carry.”


For their part, the team at BrainShark is delighted to be a part of Nerium’s success. “We’re pleased to help Nerium improve the effectiveness and impact of its sales presentations, and also enable the company to gain greater insight into how and when content is being used,” said Andy Zimmerman, chief marketing officer at Brainshark. “As more and more business is conducted on-the-go, via mobile devices, we congratulate Nerium on the innovative way it’s equipping brand partners for success, and are glad we could help the company get the most from its iPad investments.”


A purveyor of groundbreaking products rooted in scientific discovery, Nerium International is committed to making a difference in people’s lives, and the company counts on its brand partners to make this possible. For information on how you can become a Nerium Brand Partner, visit the website. To view a video testimonial describing Nerium’s SlideShark Team Edition, please see For more information about SlideShark and SlideShark Team Edition, please see and



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  • cfraire

    If you have subscribed to the Nerium Edge, you can contact support and they will be more than welcomed to help you out.

  • Setria James

    The Nerium Edge can’t get any better!

  • NeriumShaw

    Nerium International puts their best foot forward so that Brand Partners can too! It is wonderful to be apart of Nerium, where they constantly strive to improve the tools Brand Partners need to succeed.

  • Sherry Johnson

    Nerium thinks of everything to help their Brand Partners succeed. Thanks Nerium!

  • Veronica Vasquez

    Nerium makes it so easy to be successful!

  • Gicelle

    I love how Nerium international is pro customer, pro partner, and pro employee we very lucky!!!

  • pershevia smith

    I love how Nerium has created a gateway for so many resources for our Brand partners to access!!

  • jdmaddox

    Nerium provides so many great resources!

  • Angela Rogers

    Nerium International is always going through the extra mile to make things so much easier for the Brand partners to conduct their business. Nerium is just amazing, the only company that I know of that will just hand you all the tools to make your business become successful for
    your individual success.

  • Christine W

    The resources that Nerium offers to its Brand Partners shows the importance of succeeding in their business.

  • Hollie S.

    Nerium has provided a vast amount of resources to their Brand Partners specifically for them to use at any time to grow their business. This makes it easier for Brand Partners to concentrate on growing instead of wasting time looking for these type of programs on their own.

  • Erica Noe Rodriguez

    Nerium is one of the only companies I know that provides so much resources to the brand partner. Nerium International strives to make their brand partners successful!


    Im glad Nerium BP have this application to help them out succeed in their business

  • Janice Herrick

    Nerium gives me so many resources, like SlideShark, to grow my business. I appreciate Nerium International!

  • Keely Gaston Nations

    Nerium provides everything you could possibly need to be successful with this busniess!

  • Lynn Cook

    Nerium just blows me away with the fabulous resources we have! I use SlideShark for my Nerium business on the go…Nerium makes it so easy to succeed!

  • Gens Walraven Johnson

    The resources Nerium, Int provides us as brand partners is amazing!!! My husband has been in the corporate America as an executive for over 15 years…He has never seen a company give as much to their people as Neriun, Int. Nerium, Int is AMAZING!!!

  • Amanda Jones Thompson

    I used Nerium’s Slide Shark while on the stairmaster when someone asked me about my Nerium bling t-shirt! It was so easy to share photos and Nerium with this amazing tool!!

  • Lou AndDennis Barnette

    Nerium International has all the logistics figured out for anyone who becomes a Brand Partner up front. I love Nerium International!

  • cfraire

    Unfortunately, at the time SlideShark is not available on Android.

  • Allison Stillman

    I continue to be amazed at all of the tools that Nerium provides us, it just keeps getting better and better!

  • Melissa R. Motsinger

    Nerium AD provides wonderful tools but help my husband effectively run his Nerium business. So grateful

  • Glenda Young

    Great news!

  • Carol Perdue Kiley

    This team of people led by Jeff Olson and Dennis Windsor, Mark Smith, Darren Kidd, and all of the home office does everything first class! Im proud to be a part of this positive force!

  • Isabel Ward

    Thank you, Nerium International, for giving us every advantage to building our business “on-the-go” with the best partnerships and tools!


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