Nerium | 44th Annual Image Awards

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Miguel Nunez Jr with Tammy Smith at the Image Awards

Check out some more pictures we took of celebrities while we chatted them up about Nerium. We can’t wait to hear about all the real results.


IMG 1810 300x200 nerium business



IMG 1787 300x200 nerium business

Nerium at the Image Awards


IMG 1816 300x200 nerium business

Tammy with Nerium at the Image Awards


Tony Goldwyn . Curtis Smith Scandal1 300x200 nerium business

Nerium with cast members of Scandal


IMG 18171 300x200 nerium business

Loretta DeVine (Grey’s Anatomy) and Nerium


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  • Setria James

    It’s great seeing Nerium at the Image Awards.

  • Sherry Johnson

    Love seeing Nerium being shared with so many celebrities!

  • Guest

    Great exposure Nerium!

  • Erica Chang

    I just got asked if any celebrities endorsed Nerium. Now I can refer them to this amazing blog! Pictures and all!

  • Zoe Morris

    Everyone loves Nerium! Celebs love Nerium! It’s REAL!

  • Ninja Mel

    So amazing to see all the celebrity photos from
    the Image Awards, and can’t wait to see where Nerium will be featured next!

  • Tricia Bradford

    I love to see the Celebrity Status that Nerium is getting!!

  • Gens Walraven Johnson

    Nerium rocks the house!!! NeriumAD WOrks!!!

  • Daye Proffit

    Nerium makes everyone feel like a celebrity! I love to see these famous celebrities flock to something as real a Nerium AD.

  • Amanda Jones Thompson

    Love seeing Nerium rockin’ the Red Carpet!

  • Keely Gaston Nations

    It is great seeing celebrities get involved with such an amazing company!

  • Padraic NewBrand PartnerTraini

    Go Nerium Go!!

  • Denise Fowler Farris

    Nerium is going everywhere. I excited to see where Nerium will show up next!!!

  • Angela Hansen

    NeriumAD is incredible. I truly believe NeriumAD will be on many bathroom counters forever. From housewives to movie stars.

  • Christina Nordmark

    Nerium is already famous! It’s only a matter of time before the whole world knows!!!

  • Libby Sanders

    Nerium is making it’s way! I love that Nerium was at the Image Awards. It is such an amazing product!

  • Lou AndDennis Barnette

    Nerium will be a household word in five years, I love seeing these exciting photos!

  • Gary Rothman

    Nerium is rocking it! Using NeriumAD helps us all feel like stars the way our skin is improved and the Nerium Glow.

  • Faith Gallatin

    Even celebs have skin to be enhanced with NeriumAD! Wonderful to be part of Nerium International who truly believes EVERYONE can benefit from participation with them.

  • Julia James

    Nerium…a classy company with real results and real people. What great exposure for Nerium to be at the NAACP awards!! Sweeeeeet!

  • Gail Le

    Nerium International is all about looking better, living better, caring, sharing and loving. One big family.

  • Elaine Matsuno

    Nerium is Everywhere! I can’t wait to see where else we go! The sky’s the limit!

  • Sandra Casey

    One by one, the word NERIUM is becoming known! With results like this, it’s hard not to share.

  • Susan Centeno

    Nerium is going places! It’s so rewarding to see this product being exposed to the masses!!


    Nerium Internation will soon be the skincare product of every Celebrity.

  • David H

    Nerium is showing up all over! The Nerium Ripple is spreading across the country with Nerium Market parties and Nerium Regionals!
    25 years in the relationship marketing industry and I’ve never experience a company that has what Nerium offers!

  • Erica Eaton

    I love that Nerium appeals to everyone:)

  • Curtis Abbott

    Nerium is awesome! It wouldn’t surprise me if some free endorsements came forth but agents have a way of discouraging that.

  • Shelly Pryor

    I love seeing Nerium at the image awards. It’s so exciting to see the industry embracing Nerium!!

  • dennis windsor

    Nerium is so fun! We have only begun to see how many celebrity people will love NeriumAD!!!

  • Misty

    Nerium walks the red carpet! So awesome!

  • nancy h

    Nerium is walking the red carpet. NeriumAD is really making a name for itself.

  • Christopher Duncan

    Nerium is becoming a celebrity in it’s own right!

  • Maritza Rivera

    Looking Good Nerium!

  • Maria M

    Its great to see how Nerium is growing and being awarded, it makes me feel great to be part of the Nerium family.

  • Marie C

    Nerium is all about having a positive image. Being at the image awards and being surrounded by positive stars is what Nerium is all about.

  • Trevor

    With Nerium there is not only the opportunity to meet celebrities but you can become one yourself. Do the work and get the glory with Nerium!!!

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  • Candice Imbler

    The excitement is contagious!

  • Mary Lou Ramos

    It only shows can’t keep an awsome product like Nerium a secret anymore!! It has only just begun.. I am so proud to be a part of this company!!

  • Dayna Frey

    Wow what great exposure for Nerium!

  • Julie A. Head

    tremendous exposure! Great to see Nerium on the Red Carpet


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