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Our vision is simple: make people better. NeriumAD: Finally, a product that provides the satisfaction of real results with the confidence of real science. NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a night cream developed from the patent-pending extract of the Nerium oleander plant. NeriumAD contains the most effective age-defying ingredients, chosen for both their individual and synergistic benefits. These premium ingredients are blended at optimum levels to nourish your skin and provide real results. Third-party clinical trials show that NeriumAD dramatically reduces the appearance of: - Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Hyperpigmentation - Uneven Skin Texture - Enlarged Pores - Aging or Sun-Damaged Skin Brand Partner Opportunity: We’re building a business that will help people improve their lives—not just their skin—and we’re building it on the solid foundation of proven science and documented results. That foundation allows our Brand Partners the opportunity to build a long-term, sustainable business with continual research and development being conducted on their behalf. Backed by the expertise and reputation of Nerium Biotechnology and the research and development of Nerium SkinCare, Nerium International and its Brand Partners have an enviable position in the marketplace.

Updated U.S. Spanish Kits Available Now!

We are excited to provide new resources for our ever-growing Spanish-speaking Nerium International family!   Spanish Kits These kits have been updated to include all the latest information and tools. They are packed with marketing and training materials to help … Read More

Jeff Olson- Why Happiness?

Happiness and positive psychology have become such an important part of who I am that I feel compelled to educate people about it. In the latest edition of The Slight Edge, I made sure to include an entire chapter on … Read More

Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Matthew

My name is Matthew Miller and I am the Lead Product Owner for Marketing. The best way to describe what I do is that I am here to un-roadblock a project. I make decisions that allow a digital project to … Read More

Nerium Staff Profiles: Get to Know Christopher

My name is Christopher Axberg and I am the Senior Director of Global eBusiness & Digital Marketing. I love my role because I get to work with an amazing, dynamic, diverse team of digital professionals who strive to make our … Read More

Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Ayanna

My name is Ayanna Mitchell and I’m the Enrollment Coordinator for Nerium International. I am the type of person that will get it done. Even if I don’t know how it is to be done, I will find out how … Read More

Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Al

My name is Al Richey, and I am the Chief Operating Officer for Nerium International. I was fortunate to join the team in February of 2013. There are two things that I love most about my role, the first is … Read More

NeriumAD Celebrates Wendy Williams Turning 50

Television talk show host and seven-time New York Times best-selling author Wendy Williams rang in her 50th birthday party with NeriumAD. Wendy has continued to surpass entertainment industry expectations while gaining millions of fans along the way. As the leader … Read More

“More Than Oxygen” by Dennis Windsor

It takes more than oxygen to really live! I’ve traveled to all parts of the world and realize that there is commonality in human beings. It doesn’t matter nationality, ethnicity, faith, gender, age or experience. People are people whether we … Read More

Good Morning, Canada!

In less than three years, Nerium International has shattered sales, growth, and recruiting records in the US and its territories. We first released our international age-defying product line, Optimera in British Columbia and Ontario. Residents were incredibly enthusiastic about Optimera, … Read More

Nerium Staff Profile: Get to Know Chelsea!

As the Senior Brand Manager at Nerium, I oversee the Creative Services and Branding group in the Marketing department. What I love most about my job is being able to work with such awesome people. I love my team, my … Read More


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